According to Webster Dictionary:     a-ri-a. (ä΄rēַə), noun,  1. an elaborate melody sung by a single voice    2. a striking solo performance  [Italian, from Latin ǎera, literally means air]

Aria From A Birdcage

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From Texas:  "Patches" started singing within an hour after we got him home.  He has the most varied song of any canary I have ever heard, let alone owned.  There are a lot of different rolls in one long series.  It is very interesting.  He does not have the loud, piercing whistle at the end of a loud trill like most canaries.  This means we can be in the same room when he is singing, and with some of our past birds this was a little much.  He seems very comfortable with close contact and it makes him seem like he is interacting with us when we come over to the cage to clean or give him food.  He will sing with us or someone else close by, if he is in the singing mood.   He sings quite a bit and the variety is really something.  We are certainly enjoying him.  ~ Bill & Pauline


From Florida:  What a lovely and diverse song "Saigon" has.  He chirps and trills at me as if talking, and bobs or cocks his head at me when I speak or whistle.  He is a bird who is interested in his person!.  He is WONDERFUL.   ~Lauri

From Florida:  My husband and I are enjoying the little green guy we picked up from you in Orlando.  He has a beautiful song that reminds me of Martin's song on your website.   He is very calm around me and I hope to hand train him.  We play a canary CD for him, but he prefers Pavoratti. 

He LOVES listening to your website bird recordings!  He sings along and often repeats what he has heard.  He can mimic Martin; almost to every note.  He also incorporated our telephone ring into his song,  and he usually sings when I answer the phone.  We have named him "Pavoratti".  Thank you so much for your lovely boy.  ~ Bridget


From Indiana:  After two weeks without lovely "Gershwin", we feel truly blessed that he is a part of our family.  He made a very smooth transition after his shipping experience and has been singing beautifully ever since.  He seems to enjoy interacting with us as he moves toward us when we talk to him.  He sings throughout the day (especially first thing in the morning and through around mid-afternoon).  


I was the victim of a violent crime last year, and I believe it was the Lord's doing that I learned about how the American Singer molts, is quiet for that season, and then comes back with a new song.  This is symbolic of my own season of trauma, grief, molting, and healing.... so, this little bird's song gives my heart hope.  He is a symbol of beauty and God's goodness to me. 

God is in the process of making my heart sing again, and a new song at that!!       ~Terri

From Texas:  Canaries I've owned in the past have cycled in & out of song, but my little Varhola male "Jordan" sings beautifully several times every day. No matter how stressful my day might be, his lovely song always makes me smile. He entertains us with his impressive range of notes and colorful song combinations. I never heard a bird "whisper" before we took Jordan on vacation. With his travel cage covered in the back seat, he still wanted to sing. He seemed to challenge himself to sing in the softest, quietest way possible. The result was a sweet and very delicate song that brought tears to my eyes. My female "Jasmine" is the friendliest canary I've ever owned and is full of personality. My husband never expressed much interest in my birds before, but this lively, pretty little hen interacts with us and really won my husband's heart. Jasmine can't wait to build a nest & comes up with many clever ways to use whatever she can find to try to do so. I've had to be equally clever to keep her from sitting all day on a pretend "nest" so she stays active and in good condition. We're all looking forward to breeding season! Thank you for your interesting & informative website, and for sharing two of your wonderful little birds with me!   ~Deborah

From South Carolina:  We're just getting home with the canaries we got from you, and one of the males sang for about a full minute with spectacular variety.  When they are in the sun, the greens are truly spectacular.  I am VERY happy with these birds. I hate to sound like a gushing teenager but your birds are fabulous. They are so active they make my other 20 look like they're in an old age home.  ~Paul

From Louisiana:  My new little canary has been such a delightful addition to my life.  I decided to name him Figaro (Figgy for short), in hopes of inspiring some musical inclinations, and shockingly (and ironically), five minutes later, he began a half-hour long song. My entire family was shocked. He just kept singing at the top of his lungs!  He sleeps from 7pm to 5am every day, which is quite convenient for me, and he sings to me during all daylight hours. I took him to school where I teach troubled kids and it was wonderful.  All the children were calmer and more nurturing in the room. So far, he's only made one school visit, but I'll keep bringing him back, because the kids absolutely adored him.  Mostly though I'm happy to have him for somewhat selfish reasons. There's something quite nice about coming home and hearing him sing to me. Caring for him provides an easy reprieve from some of the more painful aspects of my job. He's been a delight.  Thank you for sharing this little bird with me. :)    ~Kara

From Alabama:  This drawing was done by a young member of a family who received a yellow American Singer that they named "Lemony".  From the picture, it looks like Lemony is a happy bird! 

The parents say "It is delightful to listen to him and we're glad to have him as a new member of our family.  Thank you for enriching our lives."    ~Amy & Family



This page shares some things that folks have written to me after receiving one of my canaries.  These testimonials show the difference that one of these feathered friends can make in someone's homes and lives.  I encourage you to find a reputable breeder of American Singer canaries and enrich your life.    ~Brenda

From West Virginia:  "I wanted to update you on our “Ollie” which I call “Olive”.  (Olive because of the feather color.)  He is doing great.  My elderly Mother talks with him constantly – even when I’m on the phone with her.  He has such a beautiful voice and we all enjoy him. 

His favorite place is in the sunroom – and with the lower temperatures – he is spending more and more time out there.  Neighbors even hear him sing and come to visit.  The purchase was in anticipation of the demise of an elderly dog and while we miss Penny – Olive has won our hearts."   ~Lu

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