According to Webster Dictionary:     a-ri-a. (ä΄rēַə), noun,  1. an elaborate melody sung by a single voice    2. a striking solo performance  [Italian, from Latin ǎera, literally means air]

Aria From A Birdcage

Babies at About 3 Weeks Old
Babies at About 3 Weeks Old These are siblings, one is a variegated fawn color and the other is a variegated green.
Seed Is Primary Food
Seed Is Primary Food
Yellow Canary with White Sister
Yellow Canary with White Sister This is a great example of the two ground colors of American Singer canaries. The yellow ground color is what we see if there is no overlay of melanin on the feathers that make the canary appear as a green bird (which is the color of a wild canary). The white ground color is another mutation that occurred in captivity.
Fawn and Cinnamon
Fawn and Cinnamon Here we see an example of a fawn (brown melanin on white ground color) and a cinnamon (brown melanin on yellow ground color.
Blue What is called a "blue" canary is actually a slate gray color. This color appears when the normal black/brown melanin is on a white ground color bird. When this normal melanin is on a yellow ground color bird, those areas appear green, as on the bird sitting to the right of the blue bird.
Singing Male
Singing Male Here is a male canary singing his song. Notice how the throat billows out as he fills it with air and forms his sounds. He is singing "closed beak" phrases here, which sound like purrs or rolls. Mixing up these closed beak phrases with open beak notes are a signature mark of classic American Singers song.
Dominent White
Dominent White The dominant white round color show the white is dominating the coloration of the bird's feathers, but does not affect all of the yellow ground color. The yellow shows in the flight feathers of the bird.
Coal Miner's
Coal Miner's Beside the lunch bucket, you see two wooden canary cages. The coal miner would carry a canary down into the mine with him and keep it there while he worked. If the canary stopped singing, the miner would check it, and if it was dead, he would hightail it out of the mine. The dead canary signaled the presence of toxic gas that would soon overtake the miner if he didn't react quickly
Conflict at the Bath
Conflict at the Bath Sometimes there are squabbles between birds. These two are arguing about who gets to use the bath first.


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